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New Brand Partner Spotlight: 686

New Brand Partner Spotlight: 686

by Mikayla Merchant | January 20, 2021

This winter season, we’re bringing you snow gear that’s...Different. We got the inside scoop from the 686 team on just what makes them special:

686 is a product of a thirst for innovation and an open mind constantly searching for a way to alter the outcome of the future. With this in mind, 686 aims to establish a home for all and all are welcome.

What makes 686 the best in outdoor apparel?

Its 686’s focus on purposeful design that has always pushed the boundaries of outerwear and innovation, from the early years to this day the brand has found ways to raise the bar with unmatched features. Material choices and durability are a heavy focus throughout 686 products as the brand uses recycled insulations through their GLCR line along with GORE-TEX and Stretch fabrics to ensure superior functionality, fit and durability.

What’s 686’s mission?

We believe that life should be lived without limits and that your choice of technical apparel should reflect this. All 686 products are created with the goal of pushing current boundaries of design, construction and interaction. Each piece is uniquely crafted to provide more than you expect and push your experience beyond what you thought possible.

What initiatives do you have to promote sustainability?

The entire 686 GLCR line utilizes recycled insulation. The brand also maintains a focus on durability offering a limited lifetime warranty on all products within the 686 GLCR Line standing by the motto “If a product lasts twice as long, then there will be one less in a landfill”.

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