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Campers Guide to Adventuring in Montana de Oro

Campers Guide to Adventuring in Montana de Oro

by Arshpreet Multani | March 22, 2019

Longing to escape to a beachy destination? Why not make Montana de Oro your next stop! Grab your surfboard, and see all this park has to offer.

General Information

Montana de Oro is a state park that is located in California, just 6 miles southwest of Morro Bay, and 2 miles south of Los Osos. It was given the name "Mountain of Gold," which derives from the golden wildflowers that can be found in the park.

Recommended Campground

  • Islay Creek:  This is a conveniently located campground that is located right by the beach at Spooner's Cove. It also serves as a base camp for hikes on trails that are nearby, such as the Bluff Trail, Valencia Peak Trail, Hazard Peak Trail, Islay Creek Trail, and Oats Peak Trail. Campers should be weary that the campground is typically full on weekends in the summer

Activities in Montana de Oro

  • Bluff Trail: This trail explores the rugged coastline of Corallina Cove.The trail is a easy hike, and pretty much flat. There is no shade on the trail, so wear the appropriate clothing and pack water!
  • Beach day: Grab your friends and family and enjoy a day at beach at Spooner’s Cove, which happens to be the best known beach in Montana de Oro.
  • Marine life: Explore Montana de Oro’s marine life in the tide pools!
  • Horseback riding: Ride a horse along Hazard Canyon, guaranteed to be a memorable experience for all.

Arrive Tips

  • Layered clothing! Pack your bags and layer up to prepare for all weather conditions.
  • Man’s best friend: Unfortunately, dogs are not allowed on trails or beaches, but this does not include Spooner’s Cove.
  • Surfs up! Experienced surfers are recommended to go to hike down Dune Trail or Hazard Reef Trail to the Hazard Reef. This is a great surf spot!

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