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Essentials for Your Trip to Zion National Park

Essentials for Your Trip to Zion National Park

by Arshpreet Multani | March 20, 2019

Zion is rich in wildlife, and infamous for its beautiful canyons. Here’s all the information you need in order to have a successful trip to Zion National Park!

General Information

  • Location: Zion National Park sits in southwest Utah, and surrounded by the beautiful Zion Canyons
  • Plan ahead: Campgrounds are extremely busy from February through November, so make your reservations ahead of time or arrive early!
  • Avoid delays: There are delays when arriving to the park, and parking is limited (usually full by 8-9am)
  • Limited parking: There is limited parking available within Zion park. In the case that parking is full, travelers are recommended to park in Springdale and take the free shuttle to the park.

Where Should I Camp?

South Campground:
  • Large and spacious, and located near the south entrance
  • Reservations at this site can be made two weeks in advance of your arrival at
  • 117 campgrounds and 3 wheelchair accessible sites.
  • $20/night for individual sites, $50/night for group sites.
Watchman Campground:
  • This location is not surrounded by tall trees, which means fewer shade and better views of the mountains!
  • Tent and electric sites are open all year, and group sites are available on a reservation basis from March to October (reserve up to 6 months in advance of your trip).
  • Visitors tend to flock here in the months of March to November.
  • 176 regular campgrounds, 6 group sites, and 2 are wheelchair accessible.
  • Tent only sites (Loop C, D, F) are $20/night; electric sites (Loop A, B)  are $30/night.

Activities in Zion

  • Canyoneering: An outdoor activity that involves rappelling, swimming, hiking, and solving problems. This park is one of the leading areas in the U.S.  to partake in this activity (permit required)!
  • Hiking: Explore Angel Landing, a classic hike of Zion Park! Be weary of the weather, which sometimes reaches the temperature of a whopping 120 degrees. When hiking in the summer, wear hats, long t-shirts, and baggy pants to protect yourself from the sizzling sun.
  • Bird watch: Snap some close up shots of the peregrine falcon, the California condor, the Mexican spotted owl, and the bald eagle.

Arrive Tips

  • For an immersive experience, we recommend staying at the Zion Lodge. Great for animal lovers, as you are likely to run into deers and turkeys!
  • On the way to or out of  Zion, be sure to pass through Mt. Carmel Tunnel: capture beautiful pictures of the surrounding cliffs, you won’t regret it.

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