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The Best Fall Camping Getaways

The Best Fall Camping Getaways

by Lauren Mason | October 06, 2020

There’s no better time to go camping than in the fall. Between trees decorated with vibrant hues of gold, crimson, and burgundy and crisp air, who doesn’t love fall?

If you’re looking for a spot to take a camping trip, look no further. We’ve narrowed down some of the country’s most unique destinations for fall camping.

Pack your bags and get ready to go on an autumn adventure with these diverse terrains!

Where to Camp in the Fall


where to camp in fall


1. Fall Creek Falls State Park (Tennessee)

The main attraction at Tennessee’s Fall Creek Falls State Park is its colossal waterfall that cascades down a 256 feet rock. 

This park also offers over 220 campsites that span across its 26,000-acre countryside. There are even 34 miles of trail, which is lined with a beautiful kaleidoscope of fall colors. 


where to camp in the fall


2. Isle Royale National Park (Michigan)

The midwest is brimming with lovely fall foliage. But not many locations offer a gorgeous view and adventure like Isle Royale.

To get to the park, campers have to take a ferry across Lake Superior. Once there, they have the opportunity to hike rugged trails and scope out wildlife.


where to camp in the fall


3. Gunnison National Forest (Colorado)

Get lost in the beautiful autumn scenery at Gunnison National Forest. Campers can choose to pitch a tent along an alpine lake or settle inside an aspen grove.

This space also offers an abundance of opportunities for outdoor recreation. Whether you prefer birdwatching or mountain-biking, Gunnison National Forest is the perfect location.


where to camp in fall

4. Carson National Forest (New Mexico)

Featuring New Mexico’s tallest mountain, the 13,167 foot Wheeler Peak, Carson National Forest provides ample opportunity for adventure. Campers are welcomed with a lush forest that offers a 16-mile hiking trail.

Campsites are bountiful across this 1.5 million acre space, however, the most notable is Laguna Larga. This marvelous campground is located right on the lake which is ideal for fishing or canoeing.


where to camp in fall

5. Desolation Wilderness (California)

There’s no better place to go on a relaxing retreat than Desolation Wilderness. This picturesque setting spans 63,960 acres and provides campers with dense forests and scenic mountain peaks. 

Desolation Wilderness boasts an extraordinary combination of rock and water. It’s home to pristine lakes and remarkable granite walls reaching 1,000 feet or more. 


camping in fall


6. Pine Grove Furnace State Park (Pennsylvania)

Located in the northern area of the Blue Ridge Mountains, Pine Grove is one of the best camping spots in Pennsylvania. Its stunning view of rich and fiery foliage makes this park the best spot for fall camping.

This huge state park offers an array of recreational activities within its 696 acres. You can hike along the Appalachian Trail or go fishing at the park’s Laurel and Fuller Lakes.


fall camping


7. Canonylands National Park (Utah)

As the name implies, this fall camping location offers endless canyons. You’ll also enjoy ancient rock paintings and whitewater rapids. 

Canyonland’s unique terrain makes for the perfect place for exploring by foot, mountain bike, or horseback.

Camping sites at Canyonland are limited, so be sure to plan ahead and make reservations early.


Plan Your Fall Camping Getaway Today!

We don’t know about you, but we’re ready to rev up the RV and pitch a tent at one of these locations. 

Whichever camp destination you choose, don’t forget to pack the essentials. 


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